Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lópezant - Succeeding Generations of Flies

My live recordings with Francisco López started with a concert in Louisville at the Highland Grounds in the summer of 1993 featuring Francisco mixing cassettes and me playing bowed snow shovel, ISC#20 and other homemade instruments. The release of this concert is known as Lópezant  - Succeeding Generations of Flies.

Lópezant - Noise For Miller Lite

Francisco visited Louisville in the middle of July 1999 and our field recordings have been worked into some new Lópezant releases. The first of which, to commemorate an unexpected request from the sponsor of Toy Tiger's 12th Annual Home Made Bikini Contest, is Noise For Miller Lite.

Lópezant - Refrigerating Outdoor Bridges

This in turn is followed by two more releases using sound sources gathered on Francisco's portable dat deck. The more industrial of these is Refrigerating Outdoor Bridges , then concluding with the most environmetric release at ZH27 Indian Hills Sojourn.

Lópezant - Indian Hills Sojourn

Zan Francisco - Concert of 300 Magnetic Tapes (ZH Remixes)

Zan Francisco - Concert of 300 Magnetic Tapes (Paco Remixes)

Zan Francisco - Concert of 300 Magnetic Tapes -BC Remix

We each followed this project by making a master collage of all of the shows combined! A twisty remix of my 16 track collage by Barb Hall is among the total of 9 recordings available many of them are odd lengths

Zan Francisco - Concert of 300 Magnetic Tapes (Circulo de Bellas Artes)

In March 1994 I traveled to Spain and did three live recordings as Zan Francisco (Madrid, Alcalá de Henares and Gijón) and one studio work. This was a tape networkers' extravaganza as we used only tapes from our collections in 7 tape decks to mix live. The results are a joyous multi-collaborational jungle. The Alcalá de Henares and Gijón shows both have two recordings available each, one from the mixer and the other recorded live with PZM microphones.

Zan Francisco - Concert of 300 Magnetic Tapes (Alcala De Henares Mixer)

Zan Francisco - Concert of 300 Magnetic Tapes (Alcala de Henares)

Zan Francisco - Concert of 300 Magnetic Tapes (Gijon Mixer)

Zan Francisco - Concert of 300 Magnetic Tapes (Gijon)

The Gijón acoustics are specially impressive as we played in a (desanctified) Cathedral.

Zan Francisco - Concert of 300 Magnetic Tapes (Casa del Paco)

Ambient Complot

In September 1991 Luis Mesa did a multi-collaborational composition Ambient Complot featuring Chris Phinney [tn], Frans De Waard [nl], Dave Prescott [ma], Dirk Serries [be], Francisco López [es], Miguel A. Ruiz [es] and myself [ky]. Of course I can only say this best things about it: it's wonderful and you should hear it. It's a c-60 too.

Mechanic Demonic Azrael Holotype

The follow-up to the 1986 release Mechanic Demonic Azrael Holotype from 2001 is a massively challenging, out-of-bounds, noise fantasia. This brutal work contains dastardly noises from Barcelona, Mexico, Washington DC, Arlington VA, College Park MD, Chicago and London. After listening to in on headphones even the sound of normal traffic outside has taken on menacing aspects.

Mechanic Demonic Azrael Hologram

Mechanic Demonic Azrael Hologram is a collaboration circa '86 with ECDM and is a coveted ZH27 classic. This has delightful short pieces and compositions also featuring Ken Clinger [ca], Lang Thompson [al] and Minóy[ca].

ZaCommandoHo - Aromas Del Paraiso

ZaCommandoHo are two collaborations with Raphael Flores from 1986-7 that have extensive use of sampling. Aromas Del Paraiso is a recording where ECDM mixes my sounds with his which results in a style of tape unlike any other in my catalog. I'm not even sure how to describe it.

ZaCommandoHo - The Aroma of Paradise

Aroma of Paradise is my mix of sampling that I did while at college using a powerful Korg sampler combined with Commando Bruno's dreary source tape. Delightful cover art. Strange tape.

Merzan / Zanmerz - First Affaire

The first two Merzan / Zanmerz are recordings from 1991 which feature my work with Luis Mesa. The Merzan sides are his work using all of the tapes that I have sent him. First Affaire is three pieces with lush microediting of a variety of sources combined with some extra sounds and effects by L.M. The other side is two pause edit collages of all of the tapes that he has sent me from his Extrema Passion label. The latter is a good sampling of the style of work which appears on his unique label. I think this is the finest work I released in 1991.

Merzan / Zanmerz - Hell City and GoGoCrash

Hell City and GoGoCrash was recorded in the fall and winter of 1991. Luis attached the following description of the tape. "It sounds me to Hell City, that's the reason of the title. For this track I've used the tape you sent me, another tape from you, a collection of mechanic sounds and selections of treated scannings done by me. I think the tape sounds such as a soundtrack from a B movie series." The GoGoCrash side features two pieces finished in mid November, 1991. The first and longest "She plays a mean car crash" is a soothing, meandering but disarming piece with sounds from Merz (rhythms, guitars and such), Agog (treated violin), How Project (reel to reel loops from Belgium), plus John Wiggins' soothing works contrasted by the chaotic cutups of Runzlestirn and Gurglestock. The second piece would cause for some serious hell to break out on the disco floor. "GoGoMinóyMadredMetal" has the thundering disco looping of 1348, the galloping dance floor rhythms of Merz and insane charge of voices and laughter from Minóy and his mother Anika. The combined chaos and propulsion would send any club into quite a riot.

Merzan / Zanmerz - Frightened and Ecrasez L'Infâme

The 1992 collaboration Frightened / Ecrasez L'Infâme is startling and remarkable and includes special packaging. More twisted and perverted soundscapes for your escapism.

Merzan / Zanmerz - Cuatro and Coffee

Our 1993-5 release Cuatro and Coffee marks another stage in our collaborative development.
This features two side long works, the latter Luis Mesa Knows Where to Find a Good Cup of Coffee is a delirious and dreamy sojourn into an ultra-caffenated wonderland.